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Turn your data into a competitive advantage

About Us

Traders Enterprise helps firms manage their business more effectively, saving money and driving performance. Our software transforms your enterprise data into a powerful tool that continuously tracks the big things going on in your business.

How it works

  • Every night after hours we connect to each of your brokers and synchronize your data
  • We process those updates, extracting detailed trading activity and cash flows
  • We compute house costs and trader payouts, then generate our reports for instant access

Save Time and Eliminate Costly Errors

Your CFO will love the streamlined process that saves hours loading data into spreadsheets or homegrown software.

  • Tracking down errors is frustrating and time-consuming
  • How can cutting and pasting into spreadsheets not create errors?
  • Spreadsheets have a size limit, as your firm grows you'll have to split and reconcile. More time spent, more errors...
  • Everything you need is available when you hit the office

Information at your fingertips

Management loves the apps and reporting we've developed over years working hand-in-hand with our customers.

  • Drill down on portfolio at the firm, trader and strategy
  • Measure trader contribution, profitability and trading activity at multiple levels
  • Detailed tools for risk management and compliance

And we haven’t forgotten about the traders

Happy traders are more profitable traders. Traders Enterprise gives traders a complete view of their portfolio, payout and expenses.

  • Account statement including complete revenue and expense detail
  • Trader Dashboard and Portfolio Manager for analysis and testing

Know exactly where you stand in real time, and no more lines outside the CFO’s office...


Trader's Enterprise is a unique cloud hybrid model, each client has their own instance that can be customized to meet their requirements.


monitor your firms compliance programs by providing real-time access to reporting dashboards.

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Performance & Analysis

optimize business performance, identify trends, minimize costs, and improve day-to-day operations.

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Risk Management

analyze portfolio's under different scenarios or in the event of a recurrence of adverse historical events

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Market Intelligence

understand complex global markets and company data quickly. Stay informed about news, market summaries, and events.

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bring together holdings and returns-based analysis customized to meet your firm’s requirements.

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